It started out as an escalated hobby
Sander (guitar) and accordion player Coen found each other in the Austrian Alps. They decided to travel around as street musicians named the ‘Jolly Mangos’. They traveled through countries such as Belgium, France, Italy and with a slight detour also Colombia. These journeys inspired them to create their own genre: Cinematic Folk. A story feeling experience within the melodies that takes you on a small trip to the moment the melody was born. And just as this style was created, many more followed in a mix that will leave you positively surprised. You can tell this duo already performs since 2009 at the broadest events imaginable.

The New Mango
Since 2017 they have gained another member. Alex Vergara on percussion. This talented young artist from Chili who lives in Berlin is currently joining them and transforms the Jolly Mangos into a full-size band to not only get the mind in to the mood, but also your feet.

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