Dit schilderij komt uit een serie: The Singles.
Dit is het verhaal erachter:

The portrayal of the feminine nudity is as old as any art-making.

The depiction of the bare female body predominantly alludes to the notion of eroticism. Not only due to its physical representation of the matter but largely because of the privileged Male gaze; a heterosexual perspective where women are depicted as sexual objects for the pleasure of the male viewer. With this series, I wanted to capture the woman, in a state of absolute personal pleasure, one with her body in its most intimate moment. Completely in touch with her femininity, beyond the presence of a gaze. An image that is purely erotic because the moment belongs to her, and in which she does not take a passive role, but rather an active one. Using abstract shapes to portrait feminine nudity in solitude, where she is strongest:intangible, vulnerable yet pure erotic.

Iris Bavelaar is an Amsterdam-based artist whose work portrays her pristine eye for aesthetics and is inspired by her constant curiosity for a broad spectrum of art forms and the story they tell. Having had a creative childhood, encouraged by her father; a passion for illustrating resonated throughout her younger years, yet it wasn’t until after following an art program at KABK that she decided to pursue a career as a professional artist. 

Her contemplative and romantic view of the world around us is translated into her work as an illustrator, graphic designer and art director. Creating aesthetically pleasing illustrations, characterised by the balance between opposite factors. Her work clearly echoes a masculine yet femine nature, with delicate yet strong components and the combination of organic shapes and minimalistic lettering. 

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