Jaap Scheeren (Nijmegen, 1979). Photographer, lives and works in Amsterdam with his girlfriend and two kids. In his own works as well as in commissioned work he tries to stay on the narrow path of reliability. He is focussed on the estrangement and pretty environment and its inhabitants. He made at least five publications; The Black Hole (i.c.w. Anouk Kruithof), Oma Toos, a Slovakian fairytale book called 3 Roses, 9 Ravens, 12 Months and together with Hans Gremmen a research into printing called Fake Flowers in Full Colour. His most recent book was suppose to be a website, which it also became, and is titled Jaap Scheeren Cut Shaving. After being a bit slowed down in work raising two kids the coming year two new books will be published, The Finger and OPAOMA. He worked on commissions for NYT, Parool, Julidans, FOAM magazine, ING bank, Kesselskramer, Libération, Wallpaper, ArtReview, The Guardian, Operahaus Zurich, Bloomberg, Zeeuws Museum, Das Magazin, Apartamento, Hyeres photography festival and many others.

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